Wet Refreshing Wipes Eurofresh – Company Profile

The company of Eurofresh was  founded in 1997 with the goal to innovate and bring new ideas, products and services of hygiene in Food and Beverage Industry.

With our long experience, we have developed a comprehensive range of products and services of hygiene, covering with the most efficient way every need of a company who operates in Food and Beverage Industry.

With top quality products, competitive prices, excellent service and professionalism, Eurofresh is the best guarantee for your business.

Our company provides:

  • A modern washing machine with private apparel (table covers, napkins, cotton refreshing napkins) to hire for every business need in Food and Beverage Department.
  • Department of packing refreshing cotton towels.
  • Department of production & packaging of refreshing non-woven disposable towels (Refreshing Wipes).