Eurofresh Refreshing Towels (wet wipes) – Small Size

The persistence and commitment to quality  of Eurofresh converts our product into something more than just a wet refreshing wipe. The Eurofresh wet wipes:

  • Offer freshness and care wherever you are.
  • Fast cleaning
  • Absorbs fast
  • Effectively removes grease and smells
  • Cleans and moisturizes the skin
  • Effective hygiene: Contains 29% Alc.
  • Perfect for every use: At Home, At Work, In the Car
  • Individual Package
  • Soft and highly resistant

The wet refreshing wipe is microbiologically tested on each batch by the  responsible quality assurance company Eurofresh (Diploma in Chemical) to ensure consistency with success and ultimately to the consumer high quality sanitary products.

Specifications for wet refreshing wipe of Eurofresh.

  • Product Size: 12 x 5 cm
    Outer packaging material polypropylene (OPP), which ensures the  necessary barriers for fragrance and alcohol.
  • Towel Size: 22 x 16 cm
    Towel Fabric Non-Wooven in dimensions 22 x 16 cm and a thickness of 60 g/m2.
  • Ability to one-color, two-color or color printing.
  • Ability to print the complete surface  of coverage.
  • Great variety of fragrances

The refreshing towels of Eurofresh offers freshness, gentle deep cleaning while leaving a delicate scent on the skin

Eurofresh Refreshing Towels - Printing Inks

Eurofresh Refreshing Towels - Fragrances

Code 302: White Packaging

Available Logo Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Black

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