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Wet Refreshing Towel – General Use
(Medium Size)

EUROFRESH’s dedication to maintain high quality raw material is the main element which makes the end product something more than a simple refreshing towel. Our products are microbiologically tested in every batch by a certified chemist as to ensure to our customers successfully and with consistency final products of high sanitary specifications.

More specifically, EUROFRESH’s refreshing towel:

Offers freshness and care wherever you are

Provides a quick cleanse

Is easily absorbed

Successfully removes oils and dirt

Cleans and moisturizes the skin

Provides effective sanitation: includes 29% alc.

Is the ideal solution for every use: the house, the office, the car…

Individual packaging

Soft and very durable

AROMATA Mpoukalakia 2 scaled


Lemon, Spring, Musk, Weekend, Gautier, Armani B.C., CK1



16 x 5,5 cm

Inner packaging of OPP to ensure the scent and the alcohol.



22 x 21 cm

A towel from a steady non-woven fabric with 60 g/m2 thickness.

Wet Refreshing Towel

General Use (Medium Size)

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